Senin, 26 Desember 2011


Good morning blog world!!
ALIM!!.. Alhamdulillah It’s Monday.. J
I wanna share about Tunic and Robe Dress, dear bloggers.. J
Do you believe that tunic and robe dress never dies, and also suitable for all ages??
I do believe it!!.. From a basic dress you can make  a variety of styles for all day long.. :D
Before                    -                       After
Black robe dress (inner)
Great chunky sweater (outer)

Tunic and robe dress can be used in all situations.. simple, comfortable to wear in daily activity, and also to go to party..
It all depends on how we mix and match..

             Grey tunic dress (by Up2date)                                                                          Peach cotton stretch robe dress (by Up2date)
         Long vest grey (belongs to personal)                                                                     Long cardi off white ( belongs to personal)

Just try it!! That was so cool!! J

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