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Lutung Kasarung Musical at Sasana Budaya Ganesha (SABUGA) Bandung, on December 31st 2011

Lutung Kasarung Musical (a lost monkey) is a story that tells a legend of Sundanese people. it is a journey of Sanghyang Gurminda, who decended from heaven to Buana Panca Tengah (earth), in form of a lutung (a type of monkey). Along his journey on earth, the ebonyprincess longing to find love, eventually it turns out that he eyes Purbasari Ayuwangi. Purbasari is a daughter of a prospective holder of the throne, however she had been expelled by her spiteful-sister Purbararang.
Purbararang gives Purbasari diverse trials, in the latter's course to get her inheritance rights back.

The costumes are excellent, very accurate to Sundanese culture traditional elements. The make-ups are also in accordance with each players' charcters. All of the details are in harmony with each players' coostumes and it's so beautiful when it exposed to stage's lighting beam.
Up : latest style
Down : Old style

Left : Purbasari Ayuwangi's latest make-up (love it!)
Right : Purbasari Ayuwangi's old make-up

The vocals sounds really good too.. The dance and music accompanying are so beautiful, capable of touching at every scenes.. Especially the sound of percussion. Ah!! I love the sound of percussion.. :)

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